Friday, 22 November 2013

Inspiration: Pinterest Friday: Circles

This week’s Pinterest board is all about circles.  I love the never-ending shape of circles, but I think I prefer them to be imperfect – slightly off rather than precisely round. 
I have been drawing them for a while, playing around with the idea of circles within circles and this week I screen-printed some circle fabric.  So it seemed appropriate to find circles on Pinterest.  There were some amazing pieces of art, textiles, graphic design from all across the world.  Very inspiring.

screen printed circles

With my own work, I think the motif of a circle has a place in the sense of us never quite forgetting our ancient goddesses – there is some primitive memory within us.  Also, without wishing to be cheesy, there is the idea of the circle of life as we move through time.  This is definitely something to be developed and hopefully expressed in more interesting terms!
As well as playing on Pinterest and printing and going to exhibitions this week, I also spoke at Stirling andDistrict Embroiderers’ Guild on Wednesday evening.  They were a lovely receptive group and a pleasure to share with.  They are having their own exhibition at the Smith Gallery in Stirling soon and from what I saw, it should be well worth a visit.  The Smith has also commissioned them to make a banner about Stirling and its heritage and it is coming together beautifully.  I can’t wait to see the finished result!






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