Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to: Dyeing in Popular Patchwork

Since I made a print table last year, I have been spending lots more time dyeing and printing.  I’ve always dyed fabric since we were introduced to the delights of it in our first weeks at Goldsmiths.  Over the years I have refined my processes and tried lots of different methods.  So, I thought it was time I shared some of these ideas with the readers of Popular Patchwork. 
You can see the article in the current issue.  I’ve recently started increasing the colour range in an individual piece of fabric – which is fun, but maybe slightly less suitable for most of my work!  One of the ways of doing this follows MarjoryMcKinven’s dyeing in a cup.  However, unlike me, I suggest you don’t use a paper cup... they eventually leak!

I'm now working on the next article on printing.  The writing is not taking long, but I made the decision that the accompanying piece needed to be hand-stitched, which, of course, is taking ages. 


Vicki Miller said...

I have been thinking about doing some dyeing for a few days. It must be serendipity. Perhaps today!

Maggi said...

Had to laugh about the paper cup!

Gillian Cooper said...

I know... it was stupid. I used paper could partly because I had them handy and partly out of curiosity as to how long they would hold liquid. Not long enough is the answer!

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