Friday, 21 March 2014

In my studio: snatches of work

This is all hand-stitched - something I haven't done for a while

Here is a flavour of some of the things I have been working on this week.  In case you have the impression I am some superwoman or a whirling textile dervish, this work hasn’t all happened this week – more stitching had been added or another layer of print to the fabric – not the complete thing.  If only I did have the time or ability to do all of this in one week!
Spot the needle - a definite WIP

In addition to my ‘real’ work, I have been attempting piñata mark II for an important 7th birthday party on Sunday.  It is currently sitting on my studio table, filled, but still newspaper coloured.  It has to be goblin shaped and coloured by Sunday.  Here’s hoping that it will actually split unlike the last one, which was so indestructible, I had to take a Stanley knife to it so it would spill its contents.  Wish me luck...!

Ripple effect through hand stitch


Putting the hand-made beads to use at last

Even more hand-stitching, with beads from the African Fabric Shop

Not hand stitch, but you can probably see the potential for it in the drawing...


Maggi said...

Some lovely stitching there. Hand stitching is not something that I normally associate with your work so it is good to see this development. Lovely texture.

Margaret said...

Gillian, your blog description says it all re: your role as a 'dervish'... :-) I really like the stitching in circles you are doing -- so lovely and even, too, creating, as Maggi says, wonderful texture.

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