Friday, 7 March 2014

My art influences

I’ve recently discovered the wonder of online courses and when I saw an art history course aimed at artists,  'Live!' I knew it was time to sign up.  It’s currently in Week 2, so it’s not too late to sign up (and it’s free).  It’s run by CalArts on the Coursera website and there are lots of other courses available.  It is amazing to see people from all over the world participating in one course at one time and from such a large variety of backgrounds.  This week’s assignment was to come up with the ten biggest influences on our art life, from the start. 

My influences
Here is my resulting collage (can you spot the problem with it?).  I’ve used fairly broad categories: I love books and would literally read the telephone directory if there was nothing else around as a child, so I couldn’t home in on just one book: there are so many that have influenced  me. 

So if you were undertaking this exercise, who would your biggest influences be?  Can you be more specific than me?  Do we overlap in any way?  Reviewing it, I think my biggest omission is all the teachers that have taught me and all the students I have taught as they really have inspired me more than anyone else... maybe I need to redo the exercise.


Margaret Cooter said...

My list of 10 is based mostly in childhood - when it came to writing down names of teachers, or even of artist whose work has influenced me, I couldn't do it - there have been too many!

Maggi said...

I have to say that my list would also include very broad areas too - books, landscapes, water etc!!

Vicki Miller said...

You've seen mine, but I thought, since you mentioned serendipity about winnie the pooh on the forum that I would mention that I only realised today that you are THE Gillian Cooper, whom I have been following for quite a while on bloglovin' lol see you in class

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