Friday, 27 September 2013

In my studio: this week

This week I’ve spent almost five full days (or at least school days!) in the studio, which has been lovely.  Although nothing is finished, I thought I would share some of the things I have been working on which are still in progress.

Dyeing fabric

I have lots of fabric dyeing going on.  Some in bags, some in tubs, some in tubs and some in buckets.  The first round is complete and now I am making paler colours by using up the excess dye.  Ruth Higham suggested using the pure cotton sheets from Asda  as they dye really well and she was right.  The fabric is lovely and it ironed beautifully afterwards.  I did do something rather silly though and bought a fitted sheet rather than a flat one by error.  I thought I had been checking carefully too!

I have also been painting sketchbooks with the dye to create some backgrounds.
Coffee Cup Patchwork
I started developing a new workshop this week about making patterns and 3D paper piecing.  This is the first sample underway.  I now have the pattern ready and can start piecing next week.
The Big Draw 5 October
I have been charged with planning two of our activities for the Big Draw event FAB Arts is running on Saturday 5 October.  If you are in the Balfron area, please come along as it is a fantastic morning – drop in anytime to the McLintock Hall between 10am and 1pm.  We are going to make paper buildings and I was trying out patterns for them.  We are also going to make mosaics using the huge collection of milk bottle tops I have been accumulating over the years.  I am really excited by this one as if it goes well, we can see about making it into a large scale community art project to go outside in Balfron.

Article on Loch Lomond Quilt Show for Popular Patchwork
I finally crafted my piece on the Loch Lomond Quilt Show for Popular Patchwork – a bit later than normal, but the last few months have been really hectic, then followed by the post-hectic migraine cluster slump.  The feature includes this lovely quilt, 'Fire and Ice' by Frieda Oxenham.
Frieda Oxenham, 'Fire and Ice'
These are just the main highlights.  I’ve also cut a stencil, made a papier mache piñata for a birthday party (still to be filled and painted), sketched and written about several ideas and planned next month’s City & Guilds weekend, checking out lots of fun drawing exercises.  I’ve got next week planned out already – let’s hope it is just as productive and who knows something may actually get completed!




Frieda Oxenham said...

I do envy you all that fabric dying and my hands were literally itching to get some done myself but sense prevailed and I reminded myself of the septic tank. Instead I have been throwing around some paint on paper!
Thanks SO much for featuring my quilt and photographed so well too. Better than my efforts. Will be on the lookout for the article!

Gillian Cooper said...

Can't wait to see your painted papers - what a shame you aren't able to dye. Pauline Burbidge paints her fabric rather than dye for the same reason.
Your quilt is wonderful - it had to be included - I'll let you know when the article comes out

Margaret said...

Saving my pennies to get to Scotland in 2017 -- Skye and Shetland this time, but also find myself hoping we can meet. Your work and ongoing projects are delicious!

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