Monday, 30 September 2013

Inspiration: 10 great blogs to follow

Until recently I have been working on the craft magazine, Homemade with Love as the sub-editor.  I had great fun working with Jane Rae to create a lovely craft magazine.  One of the best bits of the job was crafting a list of blogs to inspire the readers.  I spent far too long researching blogs as it was literally so inspiring.  The brief was general craft, cooking and design blogs and I thought I would share some of my favourite textile/art ones with you.  Not all of these were used in the magazine as some were too textile art based rather than craft, but I think they may be of interest here.  Do you have any other favourites I should check out?
Interviews with artists who also happen to be mothers and how they balance life and art.

Maria Shell is the stitcher telling tales and I just love the front page of her blog, which is so full of colour and impact.

I’m a sucker for an interestingly named blog or website and this one definitely caught my attention.  This blog is full of surface design techniques
Karen is a fantastic photographer and fibre based artist in Chile.  This blog is just beautiful.
Jane La Fazio’s blog is full of her inspiration and art quilts.  The sun just shines out from them, which is lovely to read in a rather damp and grey Scottish village!
Lots and lots of different uses of paper by a variety of artists.  Very inspiring.
And just because I also adore food, here is one of the foodie ones I recommended.
These are some of the new blogs I discovered - I follow plenty of others already.  Three of my favourites (and no offense is meant to anyone I have listed here, I just don't have time to put together more) are:
I am just in awe at the amount Frieda does, all beautifully photographed too.  Frieda also does a daily photo blip on Blipfoto, which is well worth a look if you haven’t discovered it yet.  I am a less frequent blipper than Frieda, but add on my images as gilliantextiles.
Margaret Cooter is another prolific blogger who, in addition to talking about her own work, has an insightful commentary on the work of others.  I love checking it out to find out about artists I would never otherwise have discovered.
Mags is a textile artist who also happens to be a Conservational Biotechnologist at Kew Gardens.  Her work is interesting as is the balance of enjoyed paid-work and all-absorbing hobby.
So this is ten that I love - what other ones can you recommend?


Frieda Oxenham said...

Thanks SO much for featuring my blog. It's a real honour!

Margaret said...

So very tempting, Gillian! Alas, I have to winnow out the blogs I follow in order to add more -- I barely have time to read the ones I do follow!

Ann Martin said...

Thanks very much for including All Things Paper in this fab line-up. I'll enjoy checking out all of your recommendations and am adding your site to my dashboard.

Gillian Cooper said...

Glad you like it Ann. Your blog is really gorgeous and almost enough to tempt me away from fabric!

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