Friday, 20 September 2013

Inspiration: Pinterest Friday: Masks

In Progress Pastel Drawing

This week I’ve been looking at masks on Pinterest.  I find these pared back, monochromatic masks really intriguing and used them as the basis for last Saturday’s ArtWorks class (for kids aged 5-14).  The kids responded well to them and these are two of the paintings they made along with my example one.
Callum's (11) Mask Painting
Katie's (6) Mask Painting
My Mask Painting - using gouache rather than the bright poster paints the kids had
Another great resource for masks is this catalogue I have from the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.  The photographs are superb and the information fascinating. You can buy it on Amazon and perhaps other places too.
I’ve started drawing some of them from memory rather than copying directly.  This one at the top of the post is in progress and I’ve been using pastels.  I love pastels, the sheer chalkiness and the way they crumble and you can smudge.  This time I’m using a box of Unison pastels which I bought years ago and the tones I have are just perfect for this.  I’ll post the completed drawing when I finally finish it.

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