Friday, 6 September 2013

Inspiration: Pinterest Friday: Coral and Fish

This week’s dose of Pinterest pleasure comes in the form of coral and fish.  I love photographing these at aquariums, as I have not had the chance to snorkel/ scuba dive amongst them (but it would be nice one day!).
Although I’ve been collecting these images for years, I’ve only managed to make one small series of artwork based on them, which appositely, is on show at the Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre at the moment.
I’d still like to work with them, but I suspect it will be a while before it comes to fruition.  Do you have a subject matter that you love but haven’t managed to translate into your artwork yet?


Frieda Oxenham said...

Gorgeous work! Will try and not give into temptation to join pinterest, i'm spending too much time online already.

Maggi said...

I like the pieces. I do use Pinterest but very sparingly as I am, so afraid of the time that it will consume if I ever start browsing in earnest!

Gillian Cooper said...

Pinterest is time consuming, but fun. My daughter likes to check out different topics when she comes into my bed for a cuddle in the morning. Today we were looking at pirates!

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