Wednesday, 4 September 2013

In progress: Grandmother's Flower Garden

As I mentioned in my last post, I have bought some more fabric for my hexagon quilt.  I started it in April 2011 – you can read about my intentions in this post  At that point I optimistically reasoned I could finish it in 18 months.  Well it is now 16 months later, so how is it progressing?
It is definitely progressing, but it certainly won’t be finished after 18 months.  If you look closely at the picture with all the ‘rosettes’ made to date, you will see that they are not even joined together yet. I’m currently thinking 3 years now! 

But it is a work in progress as opposed to a UFO (unfinished object), destined to sit in a cupboard forever.  I pick it up now and again.  It is a great thing to do in the car, as R is an awful passenger and so does all the long distance driving.  I got loads made on the way to France this summer on holiday.  In fact, as it is very portable, I tend to work away at it whilst I am away from home. 

I’ll keep you informed of its progress... in another 18 months or so!


Margaret said...

This is going to be very pretty...and well worth the work -- and the wait! :-)

Maggi said...

A lovely portable project. I really like sewing half inch hexagons, quick to do but so relaxing.

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