Thursday, 12 April 2012

4th International Textile Triennale, Szombathelyi Képtár

A few months ago I wrote about a new piece I had just finished. It was long and narrow and I thought I had included a long and narrow full photo of it, but when I looked the other day, the photo had been cut to square for some unknown reason. Hopefully the picture below has worked this time, although it is rather low resolution.
I entered it for a juried exhibition in Hungary, an international textile triennial and to my delight it was accepted. I posted it off to Hungary last week and the exhibition opens in June. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to go, but if you do manage please take some pictures and let me know what it looks like on the wall.

I quite enjoyed making something to an unusual shape. I have a sketchbook which I bought from Oliver Twists last summer which is also long and narrow and I've been filling it with long, narrow drawings.

It is in some ways more challenging to make a piece long and narrow, but on the other hand, it is also quite liberating as it is very different. Do you have a favourite format to work to or do you like variety?

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Maggi said...

Congratulation on getting the new piece into the exhibition. I really like it.
I like working in a variety of formats but I do like long and narrow but vertical rahter than horizontal - probably because I haven't anywhere to display a long narrow horizontal piece which would do it justice.

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