Saturday, 14 April 2012

Teaching in Italy

My diary for this year is beginning to fill up. I'm very excited with this latest event. I've been invited to spend a week teaching at the new School of TextileArts in Abruzzo in Italy in September.

Over the course of a week we'll go exploring the area and take photos and find inspiration and then follow my techniques for making the 37 steps to make a number of small textile panels. I'm thrilled at the chance to do this in a totally different environment to the grey Scottish weather I make my work in. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Italian weather will inspire the participants and how it will influence their colour choices.

It will be great fun for everyone and for me, not having to cook for a week will be fantastic! The main thing I need to do though at the end is make sure I make it back to Scotland for middle child's birthday. It's going to be cutting it a bit fine.

There are more details on the website and also on the Facebook page, assuming unlike me, you can competently use Facebook!

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friedaquilter said...

How wonderful for you, Gillian, and what a treat to go to Italy too. Hope you get the chance to see a bit of the country while there!

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