Sunday, 15 April 2012

Artists' Book Fair at the Fruitmarket

Catherine Hiley
Yesterday I went to the Artists' Book Fair at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.  It was a lovely event, with lots of exciting different books created by artists.  The huge variety was amazing and as well as purchasing some of them, I came away greatly inspired and wanting to make more books.  Even better, my elder son who was with me was also really taken with it all and hopefully he will want to make some with me.  Anything arty I can persuade the kids to do with me is a bonus as it means more art time for me!

I particularly liked the books by my friend, Catherine Anne Hiley (the picture above is of her, taken by my son).  There was an amusing one about dogs and a beautiful one, called 'Selkie', based on Scottish myths about seals.  'Selkie' is so new that it isn't yet on her website, but other books, cards and prints are there for sale.

Among the others, I liked the interesting pieces made by Mina Braun and also Lucy Roscoe's fascinating structures of trees, hot air balloons and rooms.

We wanted to join in a workshop run by Rachel Hazell, but unfortunately by the time we arrived it was already full.  I'll definitely be going to the next one!

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