Sunday, 29 April 2012

the unsuccessful journal quilt ... 1

The Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilters' Guild has an annual journal quilt challenge.  I finally joined the group last year and decided that it would fun to take part.  After all, how much work could it be to create one small A4 sized quilt a month?  I also thought it would be fun to create something else than my main work.

The theme for this year is 'A Shade of ...' and the first four had to be 'A Shade of Red'.  As I had been thinking about composition, I decided I would just play with basic shapes and concentrate on the layout.  My scribbled drawings at one inch in size worked well but for some reason, I'm not convinced by them as A4 pieces.  I'll share the other three over the next few days.  Any ideas for improvement?


Julie said...

I hesitate to comment as I am not quite as experienced as yourself but if I had been making this I think I would maybe have used shades of green instead of the yellow to offset the red. I like the shapes you have used and the layering. I did the journal quilts for the last three years and they can be really difficult imho but I found they taught me a lot and I have started coming back to them for inspiration and development.

magsramsay said...

I've been making journal quilts for 10 years now and the 'shades of red' has proved among the most challenging!
I found it a useful excercise learning the hard way about the difference between tone and saturation. In theory red reads as as a mid tone but because of it's saturation leaps out and I found it difficult to get a good balance.
In your piece my eye is drawn to the very dark spots and the yellow circles seem a bit isolated - perhaps if there was an overlap with the RH side?

friedaquilter said...

Perhaps one more dark spot somewhere at the top would make the eye flow across the surface easier!
I too found this sticking to mainly one colour a difficult challenge, specially having to do it not once but four times!

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