Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mummy Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland

Coffins of Amenhotep © Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden, the Netherlands)

I visited this exhibition the other day at the National Museum of Scotland.  It was free with my ArtFund card so for probably the first time in my life, it cost more for the kids than it did for me!

It was a 'fascinating' exhibition for many different reasons.  The exploration of the science behind mummy examination and how it has developed over the years was interesting, particularly the screens explaining the 3D x-rays and CT scans.  From an art point of view, I loved the exhibition design; it reminded me of several exhibitions I have seen at the V&A in London in the past.  From my own personal research viewpoint, I loved the shape of some of the amulets and drew them all the way home on the train.  I'll have to try and find more images of them on the web, as the exhibition book didn't seem to have any further information on them. 

The exhibition runs until 27 May and if you're in Edinburgh, I would recommend it.


friedaquilter said...

I do wish they had produced a better catalogue too, with more detailed pictures but I suppose the current economic climate is to blame. Like you I was busily scribbling down little patterns and regretted that I had not paid more attention when I saw these mummies in Leiden, The Netherlands when you could get a lot closer to them! it was however great to view them again.

Gillian Cooper said...

I totally agree about the catalogue. It almost felt like it was for a different exhibition. Thank goodness for the web for more research.

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