Monday, 9 April 2012

Upcoming Workshops at the Festival of Quilts

I'm really excited because this summer for the first time I've been invited to teach at the Festival of Quilts. I'm running two very different workshops, both of which have a strong design connection.

The first one is Paper Pieced Bowls and over the course of a day, we will explore different shapes and how to make 3D structures from them using very traditional English paper piecing. I love the mix of old techniques being used in unusual ways. It will be a very relaxing day,with simple hand sewing, but I'm aiming to open participants' minds to the possibilities of taking patchwork away from being flat.

The other day is Create a 37 Step, which is a bit of an oblique title. I do need to come up with better titles. This is essentially about getting over your fear of creating your own design for an art quilt. Over the course of the day, we'll look at practical as opposed to beautiful drawing and creating a mini quilt or textile panel from your drawing. I know many people are fearful of drawing having been told they can't draw. I believe this is rubbish and everyone can draw to some extent. Although you could be the one to come and try to challenge my belief!

Although I want the participants to take away some learning experiences from these days, I also want them to enjoy themselves and have fun. Come and join me if you are going to the Festival of Quilts

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