Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Getting there

I am now being lulled into a false sense of completion about my work.  Yes, I have completed the bulk of it, there are only final tweaks to make ... and the hanging devices to be added.  This should be simple, but these things take time, especially as the sheets of waves are not the size I expected and so the poles need adjusting, which is a shame as they were specially cut to size.  Also as the two triptychs do not have straight edges along the top, it is harder than normal to get the hanging sleeves in the right positions.  So although I think I am there and can breathe a sigh of relief, it may be a bit over-optimistic.  However, at least I know I will get there now and I won’t be stitching in the car on the way down south!


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I assume that you won't be doing the driving!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see your exhibition in person this year, rather than by proxy! Good luck,

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