Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hanging the Muses

I was over optimistic last week.  In the end, I was stitching sleeves onto the back of quilts and stuffing cards into bags in the car on the way down to Birmingham.  However, by four o’clock this afternoon, I had everything hung and all my cards and smaller works all set out, so I made it with time to spare.

It was fun setting up and there is quite a buzz around the hall with loads of workmen completing stands and booths, fixing lighting, painting walls and lots of quilters hanging work and setting out their quilting supplies for sale.

The exciting bit is about to begin, when the doors open to the public at 10am tomorrow and I get to show off my latest work. I’m really pleased with how it looks and mildly amazed that I have it all finished in time: eight figures, four ‘sheets’ of waves, two quilt triptychs and fifteen smaller pieces. 


Maggi said...

And I can vouch for how good they look. Can't wait to see the gallery now that it is completely finished.

magsramsay said...

Looking good - I look forward to seeing them in the 'flesh' on Saturday.

friedaquilter said...

It looks beautiful, Gillian. Hope you'll show us more pictures here and so wish I could have been there in person. All the best of luck, hope you'll have lots of visitors.

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