Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jungle Fun in Edinburgh

Having a weekend off has been a huge novelty for me!  After our trip into Glasgow on Friday evening to the Collins Gallery felt, we headed to the other side of the country on Saturday to Edinburgh to see the Jungle City exhibition at the Botanical Gardens. 

Whilst I’ve been working on my installation for the Festival of Quilts, Dawn and the others of FAB have been working with the kids who go to ArtWorks to paint a hornbill bird for this outdoor show. We were asked to do so on behalf of EasySpace and it was filmed for STV. Tons of work went into it and lots of children contributed. It is standing outside of the glasshouse. 

We spent a very pleasant afternoon wandering through the gardens seeing all of the other animals. There were tigers, elephants, orang-utans, alligators and other hornbills. They were irresistible to the children; all of the bigger animals were climbed on, touched, patted and stroked. We loved the inventiveness of the artists. The painting was beautiful.

The Balfron children were thrilled to see their bird amongst the animals.  It looked stunning and a good thing to be involved in - supporting endangered species.

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Maggi said...

What amazing pieces. I love these projects that get everyone involved.

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