Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Helensburgh Quilters and no 9

I'm continuing with the excuses as to why I am so behind - today is the 19th and so I should be adding number 19, not number 9!  So the excuses since the last post are:
  • gave a talk to Helensburgh Quilters on Thursday night.  I had to write the talk, get the images sorted and most importantly make sure the technology worked.  Don't you hate it when the speaker can't operate their basic projector?  I always think it is unprofessional.  Well, I've changed my mind.  I had it all set up, it all worked until I began my talk.  When I took the cover off the projector lamp, it was all blue and it didn't change.  Luckily it was a small group, so in the end, I just turned the laptop round so they could view the pictures on it.  They were very sweet about it and a very welcoming group.  It was worth the fear of getting stuck in snow to reach them!
  • I was away with old friends from uni all weekend
  • I had lots of pages of Popular Patchwork to proof
  • On top of this, I've had yet another migraine.  Arrgh
Of course, excuses don't get the pieces made and I've got to get through them somehow.  The drawings are coming on (I'm up to 16 of them), but I need to keep making.  Hopefully this week will be migraine free.
This one is hand dyed felt, with added fabric paint and couched threads on top.

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maggi said...

You may be behind but this one is lovely - may be prejudiced as felt is a favourite fabric, but it is my favourite so far. Good luck with the migraines, I used to have them a lot but rarely now so I know how debilitating they can be.

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