Thursday, 28 January 2010

Terrific 20, thanks to John le Carré

To improve the naming of these posts, I thought I would use alliterations (at least that is what I think it is called - our English lessons at school didn't really go this far). This seemed like a good idea, until I realised that every piece from now on will have a number starting with a T - from 20 to the final one 37!  So let's see how long I can last at this.
As I am trying not to buy anything new to make these pieces (to save money and because I don't have time to get to the shops), I am having to be a little bit inventive.  I ran out of black thread before I started this one and grey fabric is getting limited! The black thread on this one was passed on to me from my cousin's mother-in-law, along with loads more.  They are great, but a little elderly, so the black thread keeps snapping.  I like the effect the breaks give, but it meant the piece took ages to make, especially as I used a fancy stitch on my Pfaff machine rather than a basic satin stitch.  I'm sure no one will notice - but I know!  Hence the bizarre reference to John le Carré.  Radio 4 is dramatising all of his Smiley books at the moment and during this piece I listened to all three hours of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Sometimes I really enjoy John le Carré novels and have been reading quite a few recently, but other times I just get bored by the tedium of spying.  I suppose it is more like reality, but I obviously too used to fast paced thrillers and want action, just like our seven year old still wants pictures in books rather than only words, to make life more exciting.

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maggi said...

Mmm 17 alliterations based on T - better get your Thesaurus out.

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