Friday, 29 January 2010

Taxing 21 and terrible 22

At last the rain has stopped for long enough to allow the pavement to dry and so I was able to make a rubbing of the pavement to texture some fabric.  This was used for no.21, then as the base colour wasn't quite right, I used an old toothbrush and some fabric paint to make it a bit greyer. It has started raining again, so no more rubbing today.  I did stock up a bit, using fabric crayons directly onto the fabric.  As well as the paving slabs, I discovered that the window ledge gave quite a good mark too.
The less said about no.22 at the moment the better.  My only redeeming thought is that I can always change it after the exhibition has opened when I have more time!  Of course, it may grow on me...

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