Thursday, 14 January 2010

Safety pin down the toilet conundrum

At the bottom of our toilet there seems to be an open safety pin.  I must have dropped it there by mistake.  This leads to a dilemma.  Do I just leave it there and hope for the best?  Or will I just spend the day worrying about it making a hole in the pipe further down the system?  Do I pretend it is not there and when DH notices it, I blame it on one of the little monsters and let him be the one to fish it out?  Or do I just do the right thing, roll up my sleeve, take a deep breath and remove it?  I'm not sure - what should I do?

1 comment:

maggi said...

The only problem that you are possibly likely to get by leaving it there is a rust mark eventually. Try using a long stick or rubber gloves!

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